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At a glance

  • Can be used in all standard cylinders, linear slides, and grippers using the T-slot and – with the help of adapters – in round rod, tie-rod, and profile cylinders, and cylinders with a dovetail groove
  • Drop-in mounting from above simplifies handling and assembly
  • Locking screw combines an Allen key and slotted screw
  • LED for indicating the output state
  • Enclosure rating: IP 67

Your benefits

  • A sensor for a wide range of applications: The sensor design fits into all standard T-slots used around the world, regardless of the cylinder profile or make
  • Simple mounting: Thanks to the retaining ribs on the side, the sensor holds its position even before the screw is tightened, ensuring that it does not fall out
  • Fast mounting: The sensor is fixed quickly and securely in the slot simply by rotating the fixing screw a quarter turn
  • The rugged fixing screw holds the sensor in the required position, even when exposed to shock and vibration
  • It is easy to replace the sensor during servicing without removing the end caps