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At a glance

  • Types: M8 to M30
  • Threefold sensing ranges: 6 mm to 40 mm
  • Electrical configuration: DC, 3-wire
  • Enclosure rating: IP 68, IP 69K
  • Temperature range: –25 °C to +85 °C
  • Food-compatible stainless-steel housing, stainless steel sensing face
  • Sensing face made of food-compatible stainless steel
  • Resistant to cleaning agents

Your benefits

  • Higher machine availability due to rugged sensor design
  • Long service life even under the most extreme ambient conditions
  • Quick and easy installation due to adjustment indicator
  • Large operating reserves due to threefold sensing range
  • High resistance to shock and vibration due to stainless steel sensing face
  • Best resistance against cleaning agents
  • Longer service life for reduced costs